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Plainview Ethanol Facility
A near twin of our Hereford plant and located only 70 miles away, both the Hereford and Plainview plants share the same rail line and have nearly identical, state-of-the-art designs. And both are strategically located near key markets for ethanol and distiller's wet grain. Plainview utilizes 42 million bushels of grain at peak capacity with 1.2 million bushels of grain storage. The plant is capable of storing up to 3 million gallons of ethanol with access to an additional 4 million gallons of contracted off-site storage. The additional off-site contracted storage capacity is shared with the Hereford plant.

    Plant History
  • Acquisition of land and plant plans from The Scoular Company finalized in October 2006
  • Ground broken for construction in October 2006
  • Construction completed in May 2008
    Production Capacities
  • 110 million gallons per year (MGPY) nameplate capacity
  • 118 MGPY current operating production
  • 120 MGPY permitted capacity
    Operating Information
  • Grain inputs: Corn, Milo
  • Production process: Dry grind milling
  • Co-product: Distiller's wet grain (DWG)
    Local Economic Impact
  • The facility employs approximately 40 full-time employees
  • Annual economic impact is estimated at $100 million
  • Provider of DWG to local cattle market (marketed through Quality Distiller's Grain

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