As a mission-driven organization dedicated to strengthening our country’s commitment to clean, renewable energy, we know that our human capital is one of our greatest assets and the key to driving our success.

Our goals will never be achieved by a single person and is grounded in our collective commitment to our core values. These values include hardworking, having integrity, trusting one another, and a relentless commitment to winning and excellence. Our mission can only be achieved by bringing forward a diverse and inclusive workforce where each employee feels valued and empowered to fully engage in their work each and every day.

Our diversity of culture and perspective is a powerful tool that can lead to better ways of viewing and executing our business objectives and strategy. Promoting inclusion leads to innovative breakthroughs for our business and an engaging employee experience for our people.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion begins at the top and comes from open interactions with people who think differently than us. It comes from teams that collaborate across disciplines, identities, and varying cultures and beliefs.

All of us who represent White Energy Holding Company, LLC in any capacity must be personally committed to follow the spirit of our “Core Values” and “Code of Conduct.” We have the additional responsibility of nurturing a culture that is constant and unwavering. It is, and must be, the way we operate as members of our organization.