This modern ethanol production facility, designed by ICM, is White Energy’s newest plant. Since beginning operations 10 years ago, it has consistently increased production beyond its nameplate capacity. In addition to ethanol, the plant produces wet and dry distillers grains that provide feed for the large cattle population located nearby.

The Plainview, Texas plant is strategically located on a BNSF rail line that delivers feedstock supplies. The rail line also provides convenient access to the nation’s leading ethanol markets (California and Texas) and Houston ports for access to global export markets. An on-site rail loop holds 186 railcars that deliver more than 66% of the ethanol produced at the plant. Trucks transport the remaining ethanol to nearby markets.

White Energy has recently invested nearly $25 million in capital improvements at the plant — from the addition of a new hammer mill to the installation of integrated zero liquids discharge technology. The upgrades have enabled the plant to reduce bottlenecks, boost production, and increase revenues while reducing water usage and strengthening environmental protections.

Ed Kryfka

Plant Manager

Ed Kryfka joined White Energy in October of 2021 as plant manager of the ethanol facility in Plainview, Texas. He is a tremendous asset to the White Energy team, with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the ethanol space. He oversees all daily operations at the Plainview campus, managing a team of 50 employees.

Plainview, TX

One Million

The Plainview plant processes nearly one million bushels of grain each week.